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Get a clear picture of what Radius can do for you — equip you for long-term, pioneer church planting among an unreached language group.


The primary tool of our trade is language. You are communicators of an important message… You need to be 100% certain that your message is being heard accurately!


Partner with us financially, and invest in the Great Commission. We have several projects underway that are now in need of financial support!

What is the Problem that RADIUS is Trying to Correct?


More Effective Workers – Less Unnecessary Attrition

Radius International’s cross-cultural training center in Mexico provides a practical application to learn the principles that will make church planters effective and keep them on the field until the task is completed.

Think RADIUS might be a good fit for you?

We’d be thrilled to have you on board. Rest Assured, RADIUS Training will prepare you for Pioneer Church Planting to unreached language groups.


The Heart Of Radius Training

Focused on Gospel Clarity

Radius International offers comprehensive, pre-field training for those who seek to plant a church among unreached language groups.
Our ten month training program takes place in a major metropolitan city in Mexico and affords students daily, real-time experience in learning to integrate culture and language acquisition, spiritual formation, team building, and high-stress living.
The Gospel is the core of our personal lives and is the basis for what we teach. As ambassadors of Jesus Christ, we must be serious about clear communication of His message. We have to know what we are saying and how we are being heard. Without a high proficiency in the language and culture of the target people, the Gospel message is rarely taken seriously.

Language and Culture are Inseparable

You cannot learn culture without language, and you cannot understand the meaning and functioning of language without culture. Without knowing the culture exceptionally well, you have no hope of making the message of the Gospel either understandable or culturally relevant.

In order to communicate the gospel in a way that makes sense to your target people, you need to understand how they think, how they see life, and how they will interpret what you are saying. RADIUS Training will teach you to do this, and even to be able to anticipate the most likely ways you’ll be MIS-interpreted.

Nearly 3,000 People Groups

Of the world's roughly 7,000 People Groups, thousands are still without an outpost of the Gospel in their cultural context.

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