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About Radius

The Heart of Radius Training

Focused on Gospel Clarity

Radius International offers comprehensive, pre-field training for those who seek to plant a church among unreached people groups.
Our eleven month training program in Tijuana, Mexico gives students daily, real-time experience in learning to integrate culture and language acquisition, spiritual formation, team building, and high-stress living.
The Gospel is the core of our personal lives and is the basis for what we teach. As ambassadors of Jesus Christ, we must be serious about clear communication of His message. We have to know what we are saying and how we are being heard. Without a high proficiency in the language and culture of the target people, the Gospel message is rarely taken seriously.

A Radius Overview

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Why Radius

Testimonials and Endorsements

From Chuck Burwell, 19 years church planting in Japan and currently the West Coast Regional Mobilizer with Christar

“I cannot think of a more thorough preparation for the mission field than spending eleven months at Radius International. Students at Radius receive sound teaching and are able to apply it in the community as they learn. Getting to the field takes a lot of time and money and it is discouraging to see how many leave the field before the task is completed. I believe that much of the attrition on the mission field could be prevented if people took the Radius training program and applied it.”

From Patrick Lai, Open Network

“I have had the privilege of being a part of 2 training programs with Radius. The quality of their training is excellent! It is one of the more relational, biblical models of discipleship that I have seen anywhere. The program is designed for people going into cross-cultural work, but I believe it would benefit anyone’s walk with God.
I highly recommend it!”

From Tim Lubinus, Executive Director of the Baptist Convention of Iowa

“Everyone experiences disorientation when entering a new culture. Radius is a uniquely designed pre-deployment training that gives tools to missionaries to not only survive in a new culture, but to thrive. Radius takes the necessary time to develop a deep ministry foundation in students that is essential for long-term fruitful ministry.”

From George Walker, Church Planter, Bible Translator, and Training Leader for New Tribes Mission

When it comes to serving Him as a true disciple, the Lord Jesus exhorts us to “count the cost”, and to do so upfront even before beginning—because He is about finishing, not just about starting or almost finishing (Luke 14:28-30). That is what I love about Radius. It is a biblically-based, count the cost with-eyes-wide-open training from start to finish! In taking the Good News of Christ to unreached Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, Radius begins from the get-go with a Luke 14 Christ-centered commitment. And they sustain that godly focus throughout the training process.

The training includes outstanding classroom instruction by godly servants of Christ who are real-world practitioners, along with regular life-on-life mentoring and real-world engagement in an cross-cultural urban setting. The year-long training is a holistic training—addressing everything from one’s daily walk with the Lord, character development, teamwork, language and culture acquisition, worldview analysis and proven church planting principles that are transferable into any context. At Radius you find genuine, honest discipleship—including both victories and failures. No smoke and mirrors.

With all that excellency, above everything else, a humble dependence on God and His Word, along with clarity of the Gospel, is embraced as primary. Submission to the Lord Jesus and all that He is, is central to all that Radius does.

I’ve served for many years overseas, both as a church planter and as a consultant; both within my own agency and in helping other mission entities in 10 different countries. You will be hard pressed to find cross-cultural training of this caliber anywhere. If you are interested in being well-equipped for going deep with the Lord, and for serving Him effectively among Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists, then look no further. Come and see for yourself. You’ll be forever glad you did!

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